PostgreSQL Installation on Mac:

During this guide you will learn how to install PostgreSQL latest version on your mac step by step.

A step by step guide on exchanging your foreign driving license to Danish driving license in Denmark? Non-EU, non- Scandinavian, Group 1, 2, and other countries candidates.

If your driving license is not from European or Scandinavian countries and it does not belong to Group 1 or Group 2 countries given below according to Danish Road Traffic Authority, you need to apply for exchange of your foreign driving license and pass a theory and a practical test.

Note: This article is to assist this exchange process based on personal experience and gained knowledge.

Group 1 and Group 2 Countries according to — Danish Road Traffic Authority

Disclaimer: Being a foreigner having a normal residence in Denmark, you need to be aware of the rules and regulations if your foreign driving license is valid in Denmark or not? …

If you are from Pakistan and have started working/studying in Denmark, perhaps its time to consider getting a driving license in Denmark as your Pakistani driving license is not valid here.

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Do you have a Pakistani local driving license from any city? For example a driving license issued by Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP). Please note that I am not talking about an International Driving License!

If the answer is Yes, then this article is useful for you. If not, sadly, you…

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In the following document, I will provide a basic review of Metadata. This review will start with the motivation and definition of Metadata. Metadata definition requires to build some foundation knowledge about maps along with background from history. Metadata literature will be extended to the big picture view focusing on…

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1- Introduction

The fact that the pace of technological change is at its peak, Silicon Valley is also introducing new challenges that need to be tackled via new and efficient ways. Continuous research is being carried out to improve the existing tools, techniques, and algorithms to maximize their efficiency. Streaming data has…

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This report summarizes the technological trends that give rise to the phenomenon of dark silicon, its impact on the servers, and an effort to curb them based on the research paper [6] published in 2011 by Hardavellas et al. Server chips do not scale beyond a certain limit. As a…

A Framework for Machine Learning and Data Mining in the Cloud [12]

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This report summarizes the extended multicore GraphLab abstraction introduced in [12] along with critiques, current state-of-the-art, and related work. Systems capable of executing MLDM algorithms efficiently on distributed large clusters (in parallel) were highly needed to cope with the challenges of MLDM problems and techniques. MapReduce [6] [8], Dryad [13]…

Loading DBpedia in Virtuoso. A complete guide!

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I assume that you have already setup Virtuoso locally. Now, if you need to load turtle/owl data files to Virtuoso, then follow these steps where I have loaded DBpedia ontology TBOX and ABOX instance to Virtuoso:

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I am a data science PhD researcher who loves to write!

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