How to exchange Pakistani driving license into Danish driving license in Denmark?

If you are from Pakistan and have started working/studying in Denmark, perhaps its time to consider getting a driving license in Denmark as your Pakistani driving license is not valid here.

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Do you have a Pakistani local driving license from any city? For example a driving license issued by Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP). Please note that I am not talking about an International Driving License!

1. What are the requirements?

2. What is a step-by-step process of conversion?

3. How long does it take?

4. What to do after approval or rejection?

Contact Jens from AalborgKoreskole at +45 40 53 40 93. He will register you for the theory and practical test.

5. How to prepare for the theory test?

6. How to prepare for the practical test?

If you live in Aalborg or Aarhus, I recommend a highly skilled instructor named Jens from AalborgKoreskole.
You can contact him at +45 40 53 40 93.

7. How much does it cost?

My Experience:

Theory Test

Practical Test

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